Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Universe Aligns

My sincerest apologies, dear readers, for yesterday's absence of a post. After working very late, I came home, walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes, performed my wifely duties (by which I mean cooking dinner for my husband, for those whose minds reside in the gutter) and hit the bed. I am finally getting over my cold, and my energy has returned.

I am beginning to feel as though there is some cosmic conspiracy to force me into getting in shape. Today I experienced the ultimate betrayal by my favorite guilty pleasure. I opened my People magazine, and too my disgust, there is a 10 page spread entitled "Half Their Size." As if this ridiculous article with the half page pictures of smiling skinny people holding up their amorphous fat clothes was not enough, the next article featured six bulky brides-to-be pledging to lose 40-50 pounds by their fall nuptials. One such subject even stated that she was prepared to call of her wedding if she did not reach her goal. Something tells me that she may be missing the deeper meaning/purpose of the wedding ceremony. I said a quick prayer for her soon-to-be husband.

In the attempt to diversify my work outs, I chose to use my Wii Fit tonight. It has been quite a while since I last used it. As I stepped onto the board, it actually groaned (no lie, it made a sound effect). After scrolling through the perfunctory greetings, I was quickly reunited with my arch nemesis--the scale. When the Wii Fit had finished calculating my weight, it gave me drum-roll and cheerfully announced "You're Obese!" At that moment, I watched in horror as my Mii figure bulked up in front of my eyes, hung her head, and looked at me with disgust. I had just been ridiculed by a video game. My humiliation is complete.

I endured the abuse and dutifully completed a surprisingly vigorous 45 minute workout. All hope is not lost, however. Although my Wii Fit appeared to relish in my obesity, I am nine pounds lighter than I was when I went for my physical. Hooray for small victories!

With my first 5K fast approaching, I am beginning to feel an urgency to step up the pace of my workouts. Tomorrow, I am going to attempt to walk the distance of a full 5K on my treadmill. I am more than a little scared...


  1. Congratulations, Lynn, for really sticking with it! Am truly proud of you!

  2. Awesome Job Lynne! I know all about the Wii Fit ... I use it regularly and ever time I do my fit test I get that Your Obese and its never easy to hear but I know that I at least I am doing something about it. I love reading your posts whether they come daily or weekly. You have a great knack for writing.

  3. congrats on nine pounds down - that's nearly two bags of sugar!!!

  4. your blogs are hilarious and inspiring!! Next time I go to the gym (I just started going for the first time in my life because I use to hate the gym) I'll be thinking of you! Keep it up!

  5. 9 pounds! Awesome. Can't wait to walk with you in March!