Saturday, January 23, 2010

Traitor Summit

You are in luck, dear blog family, as I write this update, I am sitting in a room with 4 of the 5 traitor girlfriends. In true traitor fashion, our visit began with a 45 minute exercise session. After an intricate stretching session, the girls quickly left me behind as they jogged ahead, leaving me to wheeze along in their wake. I am still under the weather, so I was not able to keep up with them (at least, this is the excuse behind which I am curently hiding). To my delight, head traitor limped along with me the entire way. At the end of the walk, I was red faced, coughing, wheezing, sweating, and snotting all over the place. I look over and witness head traitor jumping from foot to foot, stating that she is going to go for a "quick run" on her own. Our truce was short-lived. I was back to hating her again.

Although head traitor did not find our training session as vigourous as I did, it was my most successful session to date. I believe that I walked at least 8 miles (at this moment, head traitor is looking over my shoulder and informing me that we actually walked a maximum of maybe 2 miles). I kept my pace up for the entire 45 minutes. Our path was hilly enough to cause my calves to burn, but flat enough to allow for rest periods. I am still not running for any substantial amount of time (so far, 1 minute is the length of my longest trek). Hopefully this feat will occur sometime in the near future.

I am going to cut this blog short tonight in the hopes that I will be able to have some non-marathon related fun with my friends (whom I still love dearly despite their recent unacceptably healthy behavior).


  1. Go Lynn Go!!!! You are such an inspiration for me to get off my couch :-) Hang in there... the hardest part is starting then its easy.. but getting past "starting" is always the pits. You can do it!!! So exciting. I love reading this.