Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Best Laid Plans

Friday evening, after I wrote Day Two's blog entry, I made a plan for Saturday.
The plan was as follows:
1. Get up early
2. Clean the living room
3. Go to the Gym

This was my actual Saturday:
1. Get up at 1:00 pm
2. Move to the recliner with pillow and blanket
3. Watch everything saved in my DVR list
4. Move back to the bed to sleep for the night.

Needless to say, Saturday was an utter and complete failure. No gym, no walking, really not much movement at all. However, my husband was productive. Later in the afternoon, he walked into the living room looking very satisfied with himself. He announced that he had cleaned out the refrigerator. As I expressed my delight, his expression changed to one of sheepishness. He admitted that he had actually just finished off the last of a bottle of firefly vodka in the fridge and threw the bottle away. It was 4:00 pm. I laughed so hard that I almost fell out of my recliner. Thank goodness I didn't, it would have required movement to get back in it.

Sunday was much better. I made up for my lack of movement. I decided to walk on the treadmill. After my five minute warm up, I cranked up the speed and got into the groove. I was sweating, breathing hard, and really working it. At that moment, completing a half-marathon seemed like child's play. I looked down at the timer--3 min and 23 seconds had elapsed. Are you kidding me? I felt like I was going to die, and I had only been walking for 3:23?

This is going to be harder than I thought. I did finish my mile. It took me 29 minutes, but I finished it.

Day 5 Assignment: walk 1 mile in less than 29 minutes.


  1. You are ridiculous! I'm going for a run/walk in a little bit, (as you know, I would rather chop off my arm), so I will be thinking of you, and you of me. Just so you know, you are getting some critical acclaim on my facebook page. You are famous! Love ya! A Traitor

  2. Mom is working out now and challenging me to join her. You have inspired me to get back on track. Hang in there.

  3. Good job Lynn...walking a 29 minute mile is a great start. You know, I may get shamed into following your lead, and that would be a good thing! Keep it up, girl!