Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Funky Funk

Ask and ye shall receive, fan club. I have heard your pleas for a new blog post, and I have decided to grant your request. The truth is that I have not been blogging for the past several days because I am currently in the midst of a self-pitying, down-in-the-dumps, royal funk. My motivation has plummeted.

My work schedule has been so demanding lately that I have been getting home past 8:00 pm for the past week. I had the most wonderful plan to walk 3 miles with my nauseatingly fit sister during our visit in Chapel Hill this past weekend. What actually happened was that I was out late on a crisis call Friday night and was not able leave for Chapel Hill until 8:00 am the next morning. I arrived in Chapel Hill and was quickly swept up in a whirlwind tour of 5 potential wedding venues for my sister's upcoming wedding.

As a side note, I had the horrific experience of trying on a potential bridesmaid's dress for my sisters wedding. It was yellow, floor length, and entirely too tight. I looked like a lumpy banana. The other potential option was a strapless, knee length cocktail dress covered in blue flowers. It looked really good on the tall and thin Maid of Honor. I, however, would look like a sofa, or at least an overstuffed ottoman. Her wedding is not until next year, so perhaps after I have completed my half marathon, I will no longer look like plush furniture when I try on the dress.

On Monday, I was sidelined with a migraine headache and went to bed as soon as I arrived home from work. Yesterday and today, I arrived home after 8:00 pm from work. I have to find a way to work out during the day or (I am cringing even as I type this) the morning. I think I have actually become one of those obnoxious people that feel depressed if they do not exercise.

Help me, readers! I have lost my mojo and I don't know where to find it!


  1. hang in there, lynnard! i know it is hard, it has been really hard for me this week, too. and working so much really sucks. maybe you could do 15 minutes in the am and 15 after work? love you! call me!

  2. i'm sorry things have been so bad/hectic lately! just remember, i'm only 15 minutes down the road - call me anytime for a boost or just to vent. I love you!

    also - i think things will get much better when the weather and time change (i like to blame EVERYTHING on cold weather!). when you get home at 8pm and it's still light out, you will feel more motivated. i agree with soph until then though - go for some in the morning and some at night. you never know, you might learn to love walking in the morning... :) do you have any good dvd's (yoga, pilates, cardio)? if not, i've got some really good ones that have 5 sections that are 10 minutes each that you can borrow to do a few in the morning and at night. i'll get them to you soon. LOVE!

  3. I'm making you a new workout mix ASAP.. I recommend you take Anabelle around the block every time you take her out (AM and PM at least).. also, I think I'm going to buy you a pedometer, then you'll be more inclined to park farther away or take the stairs and you'll get your workout during the day!

  4. Lynne, I'm with Kelly on the cold weather problem. I have been wishing for a sunny day to exercise too! Stay with it-- channel that guilt!! Love!

  5. We will wear whatever dress you want....well almost. I just don't want to look like lumpy furniture either. :)

  6. Sounds like time to take a deep breath, have that motivational conversation with self, and start over again! You can do it! You are a creative thinker ... you can find those opportinuties each day to build up that physical endurance. Take care .... love you...

  7. Hey Lynn,
    It's your uncle Billy and his friend Mel we just wanted to send you some words of encourement and wish the best on your weight loss journey. you seem to be be well on your way to a good race.Well just wanted to give a couple good words and wish you the best . lotta love. Billy and Mel